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Applied Behavior Analysis is a scientific discipline focused on understanding and improving human behavior.  Using an empirical framework, it seeks to objectively identify behaviors that are socially significant and implement effective interventions to improve upon them.  It is regarded as the most effective method for treating individuals with autism and other developmental disorders and has been endorsed by the Surgeon General, National Institute of Mental Health, American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Neurology.

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) will develop individualized behavior programs designed to build skills sequentially so clients continue learning as their proficiency increases.  Trained therapists will administer these programs, working one on one with clients, while consulting with and being supervised by a BCBA. Extensive data collection and ongoing assessments of each client's preferences, strengths and needs will be used to guide program development. To request for services for your child please call 508-681-3020 or email:

Home Based ABA Therapy


ABA home care allows applied behavior analysts to accommodate children and families with special needs in the home to ensure access to effective therapy.

Our therapists can come into the home, and in their everyday community settings such as schools and doctors appointments.  We offer ABA therapy that is beneficial for the entire family, and their schedules


Skills Assessment

Individual treatment is often termed Behavior Therapy, and is meant to help children with behavioral challenges, which can range in order of their severity or intensity. The main aim of this form of therapy is to make changes by modeling, reinforcement and developing alternative repertoires for handling frustration, problems and challenges. Whether it is the problem of behavioral challenges, developmental or learning difficulties, language or social communication delays, or anxiety or mood issues, our professional behavioral therapists can help make significant improvements by using evidence based treatments of ABA.


Individual treatment is a family-centered approach where the participation of the child and parents or other caregivers is critical to a positive treatment outcome. 

Parent Participation Training

We provide one on one training for all parents to ensure effective implementation of all treatment plans. It’s important  that all parents participate fully in all phases of behavior plan formation as this has proven to promote quicker progress with your child/children. The therapist will provide training for the parent that will be meaningful and simple to apply  and practise with the child/children at home. It is parents who spend most of the time with the child, therefore all skills taught to the child have to be reinforced by the parent so we can achieve meaningful socially significant change. If the parents do not practise what has been taught by the therapist as it is, then it will take longer for your child to achieve the desired goals

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